World’s Best Selling Console Turns 20 this Year!

February 17th, 2020


Playstation 2(PS2), the console that hit the gaming market with a storm 20 years ago. Deemed the best console of the 6th generation of gaming consoles, that brought joy to every household, is turning 20 in March this year, which is crazy to think. Even more so that we are going to be seeing the 5th generation Playstation 5 released.

With over 150 million consoles sold worldwide, even beating every Nintendo console, the PS2 was probably the best Sony device right after the classic Walkman of the 90s. It provided us with titles like GTA: San Andreas, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy X and Jak & Daxter. Not to mention that it had backwards compatibility with the first Playstation(PS), which opened up a great starter to any “old school” gamer’s collection. Just imagine, why buy a PS, when you can buy a PS2 now and play both?

Going back to the 2000s, most homes didn’t even have a DVD player as they were too expensive. So the PS2 was a perfect home theatre machine that could also play amazing games. All of this crushed the SEGA Dreamcast and kneed Microsoft right in the box. A couple of years later the Slim model came out, which put the PS2 at an even higher advantage over other consoles. This was such a good console, that the last game made for it was released 14 years after the consoles launch.

Now you are probably wondering, is it still as good as it was back then? If you look at how cheap you can get these, and the games this has. I think any gamer that would want to relive old memories should pick one up. I’d recommend this to anyone starting an ‘older’ styled gamer room. The only problem would be newer HDMI TVs, as the PS2 supports Composite and Component cables. But this can be resolved with some adaptors. So in the end, we should all celebrate the PS2 anniversary, and hope that Sony will continue to release consoles that maintain the quality standard that the PS2 set for the future.


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