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Service Terms of Use!

1. Fundamentals

1.1 The following terms relate to the business relationship between Konnect Hosting, hereinafter referred to as "Konnect Hosting" and user services, hereinafter referred to as "Users".

2. Terms

2.1 Game Server is a remote server running on a dedicated server that is owned by Konnect Hosting. Game Server is charged for the resources the game server takes from the dedicated machine.

2.2 IP ADDRESS is an internet protocol address that serves to connect a third party to a game server. Each physical computer must have at least 1 IP address, and the user, through the rental of the server, gets his / her IP server: PORT brand (eg IP addresses are owned by Konnect Hosting, and a user can use them as long as the user relationship lasts.

3. User relationship

3.1 Anyone who is older than 13 years of age who accepts the terms of using the service on the order book can become a Konnect Hosting Service user.

3.2 Depending on the service period, a copy of the identity card or other document may be requested for the user to verify identity.

3.3 Konnect Hosting is required to activate the service to the client within two days after delivering a picture of the billed and clearly displayed payouts. If this does not happen it is necessary to return the money back to the client.

3.4 If there is a breach of terms of use, Konnect Hosting reserves the right to terminate a customer relationship and return money to the client with the remaining service life.

3.5 The user is obliged to pay the expiration time, and if he / she wants to cancel the service, the user is obliged to notify Konnect Hosting no later than 3 days before the expiry date of the subscription.

4. Game Server

4.1 When activating a service, the user receives a game server address that serves to identify it on the Internet and its use.

4.2 If after 7 days from the expiration of the subscription to the game server the user does not renew the service, he shall lose the right to continue using the server address.

4.3 Konnect Hosting is committed to providing physical servers and necessary resources for the smooth operation of the game server.

4.4 The user will be allowed to control his game server via a user panel that will receive information after activating the service.

4.5 The user has the right to make modifications to his game server as desired and need.

4.6 Konnect Hosting support will not plug in plugins that they think may cause interference to the server and the entire system.

4.7 If it modifies its game server by compromising the smooth running of other game servers on the same physical server, Konnect Hosting reserves the right to suspend the game server and warn the user.

5. Privacy

5.1 Konnect Hosting collects e-mail addresses of its clients primarily for communication and information. Konnect Hosting will never reveal the information of its users.

5.2 Personal data is collected exclusively for the purpose of identifying the user and used for the collection of services.

5.3 By terminating the user relationship, the client may request the deletion of his information from the Konnect Hosting user system.

6. Responsibility

6.1 Konnect Hosting is not liable for damages or loss of data resulting from technical problems outside its domains and influence.