Konnect Hosting's Story

Konnect Hosting started as a dream to provide cheap servers for Garry’s Mod players.

Konnect Hosting Minecraft Server Hosting Service

Our Story

It all began back in December of 2016. Our Founder Blake Webb was looking for a server hosting provider that could host a Garry’s Mod server for him and his friends, but he found that all the server providers were either too expensive or low quality. After jumping from host to host Blake had finally had enough when he decided that he could create a service of his own to host for him and his friends, one that had all the positives while none of the negatives of the previous providers he was with. Blake had ran the idea past his friends and they all concurred so preparation began. Blake began looking over data-centers, server requirements, software, website, and much more and after several months of planning he had done it! Blake had made the first prototype of our service. The prototype service only ran Garry’s Mod and was FTP/SSH based, but that all soon changed as we grew and began to use professional software such as TCAdmin and WHMCS. So we know it may be more of a cliche now, but we believe in our slogan as it applies to everyone at Konnect Hosting. For Gamers By Gamers!

Why Konnect Hosting?

Konnect Hosting is a United States based online network that provides high quality game servers at a low price. Konnect Hosting is preferred by many due to our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, low prices, and support. When you choose Konnect Hosting you are getting all of the perks that we provide including 24/7 1 on 1 support, as well as high quality low latency game servers.

Game Panel

Konnect Hosting uses an intuitive game panel called TCAdmin. Our game panel is highly customized and has multiple templates for you to choose between so you can get your ideal server hosting experience. Our Game Panel has a mobile version that allows you to even manage your servers on the go.

Why Choose Konnect Hosting