Konnect Hosting's Story

Konnect Hosting started as a dream to provide cheap servers for Garry's Mod players.

Network Info

Our servers host on 2 Core machines with 128GB ram. We use gigabit speed designed to be enjoyable and fast. Also, Konnect Hosting uses the best gamepanel currenty out there; Tcadmin, which gives clients easy access to everything they need.

Our support team makes it even easier and more convenient to run a game server.

Our Story

Konnect Hosting started operating in December 2016. First of all, we wish you a welcome and pleasant stay on our site. We have gathered a team of highly skilled and ambitious people who are trying hard to get to get to know our customers. Our Hosting offers you maximum game quality and very low ping at very good prices. In addition to Game Hosting, we also have Teamspeak 3 servers.