Why choose us?

Deploy your servers on our high performance servers and benefit from its high reliability, security and enterprise feature set.

High Performance

We use blazing fast servers for hosting. We only choose quality servers that are reliable. We also don't oversell our servers.

99% Uptime

Our servers offers a 99% uptime guarantee. We announce all maintenances before, and if there is an unexpected outage, we will keep you informed.

DDoS Protected

Our Dedicated and Minecraft servers are equipped with top of the line DDoS Protection. We are able to withstand attacks of over 200 Gbps.

Instant Activation

Your ordered product will be automatically and instantly activated when we receive your payment. Not applicable to trials.

Quick Support

Our support agents are happy to answer any question. Discord is the fastest communication method, tickets are the second.

Powerful Panel

We have a customized panel with features other hosts lack. Custom server pages, backup system, port selector, and more!

Latest Deals

Easily enhance the performance, security and reliability of your services with one of our hosting products.

Minecraft Budget

Smaller Minecraft Servers

$1.50/ gb
  • i7 9700 Boosted CPU (4.7/5GHz)
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • 1 Extra Server Ports
  • Unlimited Player Slots
  • Full SFTP Access
  • DDoS Protection
  • 99% Uptime

Dedicated Servers

Fastest servers we sell

$140/ month
  • i7 9700 Boosted CPU (4.7/5GHz)
  • 64 GB Storage
  • 2x 1 TB NVMe Soft RAID
  • Unmetered @ 250 Mbps Uplink
  • Included Panel Setup
  • Free Linux Support
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • 99% Uptime
  • 72h Setup Time

Powerful Panel

Konnect Hosting offers a rich control panel, enabling you to deploy and control your server with lightning speed.

About our panel

We offer a feature rich panel. It is built off of Pterodactyl, but with a lot of changes.

Panel Features

  • Backup System
  • Server Pages
  • Custom Theme
  • File Manager
  • Sub-user System
  • Database Creator
  • Port Selectors
  • Scheduler

Looking for a custom solution?

Our technicians can provide you with the best custom made solutions on the market, no matter whether you're a small business or large enterprise.

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