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About Konnect Hosting

Konnect Hosting provides high quality GAME SERVERS that will give players and enjoyable and lag-free gaming experience. Our services are designed and optimized to the gaming experience so you and your players can enjoy fast and easy gaming!

Safe & high-speed hosting

Konnect Hosting is an Above Average Server Provider
At Konnect Hosting we pride our selves on extremely high quality customer support, smooth/fast server performance, low ping, secure servers, and high customization.

Support at Konnect Hosting is our number one goal and our best feature, we provide 1 on 1 customer support and will take time to help you set up your Game Server, a free service that most other server providers don’t offer.

Renting a server from Konnect Hosting is unlike any other service, we’re there with you from start to finish.

What can you expect?


Low Ping

No matter where you live you will have low ping with our servers, we provide stable, secure, and fast servers.

Secure Servers

Worried about DDoS? Hackers? Our protection is capable of filtering out any Layer 7 attacks.We also filter UDP and TCP traffic to stop attacks people thow at your server!

High Uptime

Our servers have 99.99% up-time to ensure that no matter what the circumstance, your services are available to you and your community.

Service Locations

When it comes to hosting services, location matters.

About Konnect Hosting

We’ve built our business on the idea of providing reliable and high-performance hosting services for less.

At Konnect Hosting, we all enjoy games and are gamers ourselves. We love to play the games that we provide services for and have experience running these servers ourselves. This means that no matter what the problem is we can help you solve it whether it be server or configuration related we’re there to help!